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textile softblocks · various sizes starting at:

$375.00 USD
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textile softblocks are available in translucent white and opaque black. black textile softblock is dyed with a UV resistant bamboo charcoal ink, lending the material an opaque sheen reminiscent of charred wood. white textile softblock comes to life when light transmits through its delicate pattern of translucent fibres and pleats. Pliable building blocks, each softblock can be expanded up to 4.5m (15’) long and stacked to create richly textured walls up to 3.5m (10’) in height. Available in modular sizes with magnetic connectors, use softblocks to shape entire environments or to form long, winding partitions, tables, or bars. Structures can support window-like openings and shelf-like ledges.

The textile is a polyethylene material and is 100% recyclable. It is tear, UV and water resistant, making it durable to handle and easy to maintain.

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