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kraft paper softblocks · various sizes starting at:

$225.00 USD
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Made from thick sheets of warm black or natural brown paper, kraft paper softblocks are like giant stretchy lego blocks. kraft paper is strong and highly robust. Each softblock can be expanded up to 4.5m (15’) long and freely shaped and stacked to create richly textured walls up to 3.5m (10’) in height. Available in modular sizes with magnetic connectors, softblocks have an abstract sculptural quality and can be readily used to create an entire environment or simply used to form a long winding partition, table, or bar. softblock structures can support window-like openings and shelf-like ledges. A stiff paper, kraft is 100% recyclable and made from 50% recycled fibre.

Please contact molo for more information about materials and sizes and to learn more about the line of accessories available for this product.
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