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float tea lantern

float tea lantern is the signature piece of the float collection. Made with a double glass wall, which encloses a vacuum to provide thermal insulation for hot or cold beverages. The insulated wall allows for the simple form of a cylinder without a handle, simply hold and pour the way you would with a wine bottle. A stainless steel infuser with micro perforations comes with the tea lantern and is perfect for steeping any type of tea. A tea light candle lit below the lantern keeps the tea hot for hours and gives a warm ambient light as it passes through the colour of the tea suspended above. The colour, fragrance and warmth of the tea create a wonderful sensory experience.

Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, trained as architects, designed the original tea lantern in 2001, as part of a study to create simple and beautiful objects designed of only a single material. Their inspiration for the tea lantern was the idea of such an object defining an intimate place of gathering, or contemplation, through qualities of light, warmth, fragrance and taste.

The simple, elegant forms of the float collection belie sophisticated technical innovations and a high level of skill. Each piece of float glassware is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest waterclear German borosilicate glass. This extremely pure and chemically inert mater ial is resistant to thermal shock, allowing all float glassware to safely be used with both boiling hot and icy cold liquids.
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