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float matcha bowl 470ml (16 fl oz) – 1 bowl – clear glass

$95.00 USD
Designed with dimensions and proportions fitting to matcha, the green tea of the Japanese tea ceremony, the matcha bowl easily accommodates a traditional bamboo whisk. This matcha bowl is also well-suited as a serving dish for desserts, hot drinks or French onion soup. Donʼt be afraid to put any of the float glassware straight into a hot oven. Use for matcha tea, cappuccino, latté, soup, miso shiro, sorbet, gelato, or live orchids.

The simple, elegant forms of the float collection belie sophisticated technical innovations and a high level of skill. Each piece of float glassware is handcrafted by master glassblowers in the Czech Republic from the finest waterclear German borosilicate glass. This extremely pure and chemically inert material is resistant to thermal shock, allowing all float glassware to safely be used with both boiling hot and icy cold liquids.
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