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felt tote + paper softseating

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molo softseating compresses like a book for storage, and fans open into cylindrical stools or low tables. Alternatively, it can stretch and connect magnetically to form long, winding benches. The special release of wool felt tote for paper softseating celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen's original honeycomb paper seating design, illuminating its compact portability and playful functionality.

paper softseating was acquired by the MoMA for their permanent collection in 2006, and now the most portable sizes of the natural brown and black paper stools are available in a special edition carry / storage tote. Each tote is hand sewn from 100% wool, natural grey felt. Available in two sizes, the clean lines and simple form of the tote perfectly fit a compressed fanning paper stool to be carried off-the-shoulder to a park, beach, lecture, party, gallery, picnic, concert*...

*paper softseating can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors in dry conditions.
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