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For your convenience you can view product prices and order summary information in the currency of your choice, but the price and all other monetary amounts on the site are payable to molo in the US dollars amount shown in your order summary, and your credit card will be charged in US dollars (and the total US dollar charge is shown in the order summary.)

If your order is over US$10,000, the order summary above, including shipping and taxes is indicative only and you will be contacted by a molo representative within 48 hours to confirm your order details, verify shipping charges and lead time, before taking payment. Payment by wire transfer may be required.


For orders shipped outside of Canada, the person receiving the goods will be responsible for any import fees, duties, or VAT, as may be applicable. Please note that importation costs, where applicable, are levied by national authorities, not by molo, and are normally payable to the carrier of the goods (Federal Express) at or prior to delivery.


Please contact molo if you require additional information.


View molo's full purchase terms and molo's general terms and conditions.